October 19, 2016

Mainframe Timeshare Services

DSRC offers Mainframe infrastructure on lease to enable customers get exclusive access to our IBM Mainframe to carry out training, development, production and R&D work related to various projects. DSRC can offer exclusive lease of our Mainframe Servers – with dedicated or shared LPAR.

We also offer development seats and infrastructure to support any development, testing or training work at our site.

Systems Operations / Administration team who would ensure system availability, user management, back-up, etc.

This team would comprise of:

  • Mainframe Production Operators
  • Mainframe System Administrators
  • DB2 Database Administrators
  • CICS Administrators.

As part of the setup, we also have dedicated Mainframe teaching staff to provide training on Mainframe Application and Mainframe Systems.


For more details and to enquire about the Mainframe Timeshare Services, please email mainframe-timeshare@dsrc.com outlining your requirements in detail.