January 9, 2017

"Unparalleled Experience  & Unmatched Quality"  - this characterizes the way we deliver our commitment to our clients. The uniqueness in the way we deliver our commitment is the collaborative nature of the engagement we nurture and build for each and every client.

Service Delivery Models essentially define the features and rules of the engagement between the Client and External Service Provider. While the market offers wide variety of service delivery and commercial models for procurement of services, DSRC offers two major delivery models and this is essentially defined based on how and where the customer wants DSRC to render its services.

Onshore Delivery Model

Under this model, DSRC offers the services of its project staff to be assigned and based at customer sites for the duration of the project engagement essentially to offer co-development or fully managed service delivery.

In a co-development engagement, Customer procures the services of project staff with specific experience and skill-sets to augment their in-house development team. The DSRC team works under the management of the Customer's Project Management Office and provides development and testing services for a well-defined duration with the option to extend if required. The service delivery responsibility rests with the customer; DSRC provides and supports the Customer with the required project staff offering well-rounded resources based on agreed pricing arrangements.

In a fully managed onshore delivery engagement, the responsibility to source, staff and manage delivery of the project, delivery of functionalities and achievement of milestones rest with DSRC. This model is best suitable when customer prefers to outsource delivery of an entire project to DSRC but requires the team to be based onsite. This model does not offer a cost-effective option for the customer but helps only when the Customer prefer to keep the team to be based at their offices. Best alternative to this model is the Managed Offshore Delivery Model, which is explained below.

Offshore Delivery Model

In this model, DSRC provides application services from its offshore software delivery centers based in Chennai, India. The Offshore Delivery Centers are housed in fully owned and managed by DSRC and has the best in network, hardware and software environments to support software development and testing.

Development resources assigned to work for Customers under this model would be full-time employees of DSRC - as a policy, we do not employ contract staff at our offshore delivery centers.

DSRC offers two service delivery options to Customers under this model: