October 20, 2016

Quality Policy

“To pursue continuous improvement in business excellence by integrating process, people and technologies to meet customer expectations every time.”

Total Quality Management

DSRC Technology Center of Excellence provides strategic direction, technical advisory and technology competence capabilities to DSRC's Global Consulting Operations and for Projects managed and delivered from our Global Delivery Center in Chennai, India.

Quality is the prime, ever-extending goal of DSRC's software development practice. By aligning our business processes with the leading management standards, we are able to reach unrivalled levels of product quality and customer service.

Our Quality Management System covers all the activities that impact the service we offer to our customers.

DSRC has well-defined and matured process to govern project planning, tracking and oversight and has matured and proven processes that govern and ensure that quality is met and exceeded through every stage of the project.

DSRC puts best efforts to meet our quality standards and best practices defined by our clients in the design, development, testing and delivery of software products and services.

DSRC strives to maintain these high quality standards as we design and develop business systems for our clients by the most efficient means possible to ensure they are stable, performance-driven, scalable and maintainable.

DSRC has been continuously certified to the ISO 9001 quality management system standard and has been one of the few companies to adopt and complying to the ISO 9001:2015 framework standards. That means DSRC’s clients can feel confident in the firm's software application development, maintenance and test processes.


Software Quality Assurance

DSRC was measured against the standard's new requirements for customer satisfaction, the establishment of measurable objectives, the use of metrics and continual improvement and risk mitigation initiatives. DSRC constantly reviews its processes, financials, people and infrastructure and enhances them regularly.

We have developed the comprehensive guiding principles to achieve our goal of having the highest quality possible in our products, processes, facilities, and business decisions.

Our people throughout the world are committed to these principles so that we can successfully meet the needs of our clients globally. This commitment is rooted in our corporate values and is essential to our continued growth and success.

DSRC has well-defined processes, controls and procedures to ensure that -

  • Requirements are defined clearly and documented
  • Adequate standards and procedures are defined and adhered to
  • Proper documentation and communication of project stages, as it progresses, happens to all stakeholders of the project
  • Ensuring that development and control processes such as Project Management (planning, tracking and monitoring) and Software Configuration Management are carried out
  • Ensuring that all applicable process requirements are met for each phase of the software realization cycle
  • Ensuring that a well defined change management procedure is defined for all projects and changes are effectively reviewed and accommodated
  • Ensuring that process and product measurements are obtained at every phase and analysed to serve as input to the subsequent phases
  • Adhering to in-house quality processes and methodologies developed from experience gained from working with renowned customers
  • DSRC Quality Management Systems (QMS) can further accommodate other best practices and quality and security guidelines by specific clients.