October 19, 2016

Are you creative, passionate, entrepreneurial and have the ability to solve problems with a little ingenuity? 

Well then, you are one-step closer to being part of a great workplace. We welcome you!

DSRC has a high reputation in the market for both experience and quality of service provided to our customers who are world-renowned companies. Our core strength rests in the talent we employ to deliver our commitment to our customers. They are our assets and we take full pride in the talent we have and the capability they bring to complement our service offerings.

DSRC continues to absorb the best talents in the market and has been highly successful retaining them. DSRC's core teams have an average of over 15 years of professional experience working with us.

A career as a technical consultant in one of our technology consulting practices means you'll be working with the latest technologies and tools, along with some of the industry's best & brightest minds.

At DSRC, opportunities are plenty and success a way of life for every outstanding performer. If you are looking for challenging opportunities to use your skills in innovative ways, then DSRC is the place where you can learn, perform, excel and grow.

DSRC offers a challenging work environment and provides compensation matching industry standards, accelerated career growth and overseas opportunities to work for its customers globally.

Our reputation is built on the people we employ, and we work hard to make DSRC a great place to work. Here is a quick glance on what makes DSRC a better place work:

  • People
  • Values
  • Opportunities
  • Rewards


People are our important assets and they deliver the value and outcomes we commit to our Customers! They represent our business!

DSRC's foundation, strength and growth is built on trust, respect, and inclusion is a high priority for us. We encourage and trust our people to thrive and reach greater heights, learn more and expand their knowledge and skills, living up to their potential, delivering our customers the best solutions representing the brand that is DSRC!

DSRC’s talented workforce helps ensure our company in benefiting from a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. For you, this means exposure to a diversity of expertise and knowledge that can only come from a cultured and refined work environment like ours.

At DSRC, we focus on attracting and retaining employees who contribute positively to our culture. Over 30% of the core delivery teams are experienced people who have an average of 15 years experience working at DSRC. Apart from good talent retention rate, we have excellent talent transformation infrastructure and constantly upskill them and encourage our talent to acquire new skills.


Our culture is rooted in our core values: Professionalism, Trust, Respect, Fairness, Responsibility - all of this, forms the foundation of integrity and is the core-value that supports the corporate culture at DSRC.

Our values are evident in everything and wherever we operate - and this has set us way ahead being a professional company!

We pay close attention to how we work and to providing employees with a great place to work. We play an active role in ensuring our workplace is safe, conducive, challenging for people to work and excel.

We treat our employees with respect and help them reach their full potential and creating a work environment where they can excel is important. We strive to build a working environment that is exciting and rewards achievements.


We provide access to a range of learning and development activities that employees can participate in to broaden their skills and continuously improve. We also provide our employees with various project opportunities – as well as the support and tools for development – that equip as well as empower employees to build their career at DSRC.

At DSRC, we provide the right blend of education, experience and exposure and ensure that your career growth is well rounded and comprehensively developed.

We offer challenging work environment and an opportunity to work with our overseas customers giving you constant growth, on-the-job experience and development.


Our teams are driven by passion and are full of energy to strive and to grow. Our rewards philosophy recognizes that company's performance is largely a reflection of employees’ contributions, and our total reward programs are designed to reward employees for their commitment and contribution to DSRC’s success as well as consistent growth.

We reward based on performance, achievement and embodiment of our values and is best in the industry.