Celebrating 50+ years of DSRC: A Journey of Success, Innovation, and Growth!

DSRC is a leading, successful IT services company, distinguished by its unwavering commitment to trust and excellence, consistently delivering significant business outcomes for our esteemed clientele.

Over the last 50 years, we have built a legacy of excellence and have defined a benchmark in delivering IT Application Services, which is led by passion, driven by innovation, and fueled by our unyielding commitment to delivering the best solutions to our clients.

Our business focuses on delivering next-generation applications by simplifying and modernizing software systems rapidly and cost-effectively by the best use of the Right People, Right Process, Right Approach, Right Technology & Right Pricing.

We have cultivated a culture that is never satisfied with being good enough, that embraces risk in the quest, and is always willing to challenge the status quo, for being better!


Expertise, Capabilities & Engineering Excellence

Leverage the advantages of an agile and scalable dev team expanding your product development capabilities cost efficiently, resulting in go-to-market advantages and staying ahead of your competition.

application modernization

Unleashing innovation, agility and advancement, empowering Enterprise businesses with modern Web, Mobile, and cross-platform applications built with state-of-the-art technologies and frameworks.

Digital Transformation Services

Helping businesses in the digital transformation journey, modernizing their IT business systems and applications, process, and the way their workforce operates internally and how they deal with their customers.

Cloud Management Services

We can help design, build, and manage comprehensive cloud solutions covering DevOps, Deployment, SysOps covering Cloud Infrastructure and IT Operations Management and Cloud Security Management!



We strive for excellence at DSRC, which means doing our best in everything we do.

Our core values drive us to be passionate, innovative, committed, organized, and we achieve this by the best use of People,  Process, Technology, Approach and Pricing-models.

At DSRC, we set high expectations and aspirations, creating a culture of achievement and this through the hierarchy and at all levels.

Our constant endeavour is to deliver results, and we achieve this by thinking strategically and creatively, dealing with shortcomings, and integrating new knowledge into day-to-day actions to achieve superior outcome.

DSRC is a full-service, IT application services business, and our core strength is built around the People and talent we employ. Our talent, combined with yours, creates a knowledge powerhouse,  efficient and innovative, harnessing both the power of technology and the power of human talent.

Customers recognise us as an honest and committed business, always willing to go the-extra-mile building sustainable long-term partnerships with clients, partners & employees!

We strive to excel, ensuring client satisfaction, professionalism, superior quality and innovation.


Accolades from our clients gives us a 'huge differentiating advantage' and helps us to win new business!
Stephen Keogh

DSRC has been a big part of our success here at Keyhouse. The team at DSRC has been instrumental in development and design for many projects here at Keyhouse. Their level of ownership and expertise provides a very trusting experience and engagement.
DSRC is a valuable and trusted partner in our business!.

Stephen Keogh
CEO & Technical Director at Keyhouse

We've been working with DSRC, and the relationship just grows stronger and stronger. We find them incredibly professional, they're very competent, they’re flexible, and it's been a tremendously successful relationship. It's fantastic, the relationship is very strong, we get great value for money, we’re getting exceptional service and a fantastic product being developed by a highly skilled team.

David Speller
CEO and Founder of Optifarm


Are you creative, passionate, entrepreneurial and can solve problems with a little ingenuity?
We are constantly looking for top talent, come let’s work together and support in our endeavour to delight customers with scalable and performance-driven, innovative, next-generation software solution.
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