Case Studies

Highlight of our project experience, success stories and solutions delivered!

Recruitment Marketing Automation System

DSRC helped a global based software business revolutionize and transform its existing recruitment management system into a comprehensive, cloud-based, omnichannel-driven Recruitment Marketing Automation System

Traffic & Congestion Management – UTMC

DSRC collaborated with a leading UK software company to create an innovative Urban Traffic Management Control system that empowers law enforcement to efficiently manage and direct traffic flow, prioritize vehicles

Farm Management Solution

DSRC has experience working with agri livestock and aqua farm management software businesses and has played a pivotal role in supporting them with custom SaaS applications, enhancing their existing web and mobile-based farm management applications, and IOT solutions

Smart Industry 4.0 Solutions

DSRC supported a Smart Innovation Solution organization specialized in analyzing and visualizing key performance indicators from the manufacturing, logistics and utility sectors, using smart Industry 4.0 technology.

Project Showcase

Following are some examples of successful projects we delivered that has helped us in strengthening our position as a trusted partner. Our experience and capabilities can be demonstrated and referenced.

Project Highlights: Market leader in delivering software solutions for the Waste & Recycling Management Industry engages DSRC’s teams to automate its software unit testing requirements to better control and automate testing and continuous release management.

We offer them a comprehensive suite of service competencies to complement their product management teams to deliver products error-free, on-time, and on-budget. We have helped them embrace DevOps using Azure DevOps and Visual Studio. We also help them load test their web applications and have automated this process too.

Engaging our services to automate unit testing has helped the customer save at least two-months between product releases and have made dev+testing and release management continuous and seamless. Adapting DevOps has helped customers to in fact make continuous testing and continuous integration of product features and functionalities.

Technology: Microsoft TFS, Microsoft Test Manager, and Visual Studio

Project Highlights: European headquarters of a multinational banking major commissions DSRC to build a comprehensive custom e-HR system for its operations in the Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEEMEA) region. This system featuring L10N (localization) and I18N (Internationalization) features and was delivered ontime and within budget and successfully rolled out in over 16 countries of the bank’s operations in the CEEMEA region.

The system incorporates wide range of manager & employee self-service features aimed to reduce administrative workload, time delays and cost. DSRC built a proprietary workflow engine to map and manage  the complex employee structure and hierarchy of the bank’s operations covering the entire region for approvals, authorisations, appraisals, leave & attendance etc.

The system also features independent modules to cover recruitment and hiring, skill-mapping, talent management, talent transformation, appraisals and promotions, leave and attendance, benefits and planning, transfers and attrition, salary planning, in-sourcing, resourcing and staffing services vendors.

Technology: Java/J2EE

Project Highlights: This customer, a specialist in the business continuity and disaster recovery systems, provides its consulting and software solutions to some of the UK’s largest enterprise businesses where business continuity of key processes is crucial for sustained business operations.

DSRC helped this software major with end-to-end application maintenance, reengineering and testing of its SaaS based BCMS application designed to alleviate and assist with the day to day management of an organization’s Business Continuity Management. The software helps create, store, manage and distribute business continuity plans.

In the last three years since they engaged DSRC as its offshore development partner, we have helped them improve on their product features and portfolio and this led the business in expansion plans increasing revenue twofold in three years and increase profitability by over 60% by using a fully managed offshore delivery model.

Technology: Microsoft .NET, Xamarin Framework

Project Highlights: Experience building state-of-the-art digital platform engaging augmented reality and virtual reality technologies presenting enriched consumer experience with location-based attractions and information.

Technology: Android and iOS phones and tablets

Project Highlights: Major healthcare software company based in the US mid-west region, recognizes our speed-to-market advantage and delivery commitments.  DSRC offers offshore maintenance and support of Healthcare and Social Care HIPAA compliant software products.

DSRC faced some initial challenges while performing the knowledge acquisition as there was limited documentation and the current service provider was reluctant to support knowledge transition. The system also had inappropriate data modeling and improper data integrity design with missing normalization, constraints and indexing resulting in performance bottlenecks.

With a rapid transition plan in place, DSRC completed study state in two weeks and one week of work transition – and commenced with support and maintenance from the fourth week. Over 80% of Severity-1 Issues (system show-stoppers) were fixed/tested and deployed in 3 months and moved to stable state providing application maintenance from then onwards.

Working with DSRC, customer was able to focus on business expansion and new customer acquisition. DSRC continues to impress the customer with improved quality and performance-driven and above all continued savings in cost making the whole approach sustainable and beneficial!

The engagement that commenced as a performance enhancement project, has transformed into a strategic relationship!

Technology: Microsoft .NET

Leading developer and provider of specialist information management solutions and software services to large enterprise customers and public sector in the UK and Europe engages DSRC’s Managed Delivery teams to roll-out cross-platform mobile apps using the Xamarin framework.

Based on the success and huge cost saving the customer derived in the initial engagement to build a property management and inspection app, the customer is bestowing more trust and confidence in the very success of DSRC’s ability to deliver projects rapidly and cost effectively.

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