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DSRC - The Brand

DSRC is a full-service, service-first and quality-foremost business, we provide consulting services for technology startups and mid-size to large corporations, worldwide.

We are passionate about building custom software and we work together with some of world’s best businesses, creating truly valuable and sustainable model aimed at complementing customer’s in-house software delivery teams.

We grow by continuously innovating and working hard and ensure every single customer is a happy customer and we achieve this by the best, first use of right process, right people, right technology, and right pricing models.

Our core strength is built around the People and talent we employ, efficient and innovative, harnessing both the power of technology and the power of human talent.

We function as a seamless extension to our customer’s teams, complementing and contributing significant long-term value and benefits, creating a sustainable and cost-efficient ecosystem for our customers.

At DSRC, we set high expectations and aspirations creating a culture of achievement and we strive to excel, ensuring Client Satisfaction, Professionalism, Superior Quality, and Innovation.

Vision Statement

At the core of our existence, we are driven by a powerful vision: “To become the unrivaled partner of choice, a beacon of trust and excellence for our cherished customers.”

Our purpose and business endeavors are rooted in this primary goal, as we constantly strive to expand our horizons and reach new destinations. By welcoming new customers into our fold, we are committed to offering them unparalleled levels of quality that surpass expectations.

Our profound dedication and unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service set us apart, ensuring an extraordinary experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Together, we will forge a path that transcends boundaries, creating a future where our partnership and trust flourish beyond measure.

Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to be a trustworthy partner, empowering businesses to simplify, build, transform and modernize enterprise software systems by leveraging People, Process and Technology in a cost-efficient way!

Our Purpose

We help businesses worldwide engage and leverage the advantages of an offshore application services provider, successfully and in a cost-efficient manner. We achieve this by being reliable and trustworthy and diligent, offering customers a scalable and performance-driven, external competence, rather than offering them just a low-cost, staffing alternative!

Customers endorse us for our unparalleled expertise and experience, responsiveness and proactive initiatives, and above all for the most personable and committed service we offer them.

Our Values

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