Recruitment Marketing Automation System

DSRC helped a global based software business revolutionize and transform its existing recruitment management system into a comprehensive, cloud-based, omnichannel-driven Recruitment Marketing Automation System. The system, developed in collaboration with the software business, utilized cutting-edge technology to engage with potential candidates, maintain relationships over time, and streamline the recruitment process. The system proved to be a game-changer for the software business, helping it gain market share and expand its global footprint by attracting new clients. In recognition of its innovative approach, the talent pipeline platform was named Top HR Tech Product of the Year.

The Challenge

In today's fast-paced job market recruiting top talent is a critical challenge for Enterprise businesses, particularly where skilled candidates are in high demand and the recruitment process is lengthy and cumbersome. However, traditional recruiting methods that rely on reactive approaches, such as job postings and resume reviews, often result in a limited pool of candidates and can be time-consuming for recruiters. Businesses were looking for innovative solutions to build a pool of high-quality candidates and streamline their recruitment processes using modern techniques, social media, and mobile connects.
The client had an existing on-premises application that was expected to solve the challenges for its Enterprise Customers, but the potential of the application was very limited and failed to meet the expected outcome. The company was seriously thinking of re-develop its current system to a cloud-based system but at the same time, the platform should be very distinct from the existing systems available and should be able to solve the recruitment challenge across industries with a more streamlined automated approach.
Experience and skilled talent shortage within their capabilities have made the client look out for an experienced, skilled, and trustworthy software development partner, and their search ended up with DSRC.

The Opportunity

DSRC was shortlisted by the UK business after detailed due diligence and various rounds of reference checks in the UK and Ireland along with a demonstration of experience and capabilities.
The scope of the project was to redevelop the client’s existing on-premises system to a multi-tenant automated cloud-based Recruitment Marketing Automation System.

The Approach & Solution

From the requirements outline shared, DSRC understands the complexity involved to develop the system. The DSRC team prepared a detailed development roadmap and prioritized the functionalities needed to develop an MVP. DSRC also envisioned numerous workflow engines that come into the development of this proposed system. Thus, a high-experience team from DSRC was deployed for the project. DSRC’s team involved in the project developed the MVC in less than two months and further product development and completion in three months.
The product developed by DSRC includes two sextillion lines of code and workflows. The platform uses artificial intelligence and automation to engage with and nurture candidates over time, keeping them interested in the company and its job opportunities.
With the platform, companies can create customized talent pipelines for specific roles, locations, or departments, and track the progress of each candidate within the pipeline. The platform also provides analytics and reporting tools to help companies measure the effectiveness of their recruiting efforts and make data-driven decisions.
The platform is designed to integrate with existing recruiting tools and systems, such as applicant tracking systems (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) software.
Overall, the product aims to help companies proactively build relationships with potential candidates and streamline their recruiting processes to find the right talent more efficiently.
DSRC continues to own the development of the product roadmap, maintenance, and support.

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