Farm Management

DSRC has experience working with half-a-dozen agri, livestock and aqua farm management software businesses and has played a pivotal role in supporting them with custom SaaS applications, enhancing their existing web and mobile-based farm management applications, and IOT solutions interfacing a wide variety of farm and livestock devices, controls (PLCs), and sensors. This application provides farm owners with invaluable daily insights, offering features such as real-time weather forecasts, notifications for upcoming veterinary schedules within their geographical region, surface and soil dampness, irrigation monitoring and more, and a seamless solution for livestock farmers to manage, livestock pregnancies, health, supply of milk, fodders, and calf registrations, all without the hassle of paperwork.

The Challenge

The agriculture and livestock industries have historically faced many challenges, ranging from unpredictable weather patterns to resource-intensive practices. These challenges have often resulted in yield fluctuations, food scarcity, and environmental degradation. However, integrating technology has played a pivotal role in addressing these shortcomings and ushering in transformative changes. Advanced precision agriculture techniques, such as GPS-guided machinery and drone surveillance, have enhanced crop management, enabling farmers to optimize planting, irrigation, and harvesting processes. Similarly, in the livestock sector, technologies like automated feeding systems and wearable health monitoring devices have improved animal welfare and increased productivity. Data analytics and artificial intelligence have provided invaluable insights regarding the health of the individual livestock breeds that help the farmers to take actions and improve their productivity.

The client, while approaching DSRC, has similar challenges, and wanted to automize their existing workflows and help with regular monitoring and trigger alerts to the stakeholders based on various parameters set threshold breach.

The Opportunity

The opportunity is to develop a farm and livestock management application that uses IoT technology to collect data from various farm management and livestock management devices and help the farmers with insights related to the farm and livestock conditions, including other support services like veterinary visits and schedules, triggers alerts, calf registrations, consultation and more.

The opportunity was awarded to DSRC due to our expertise and experience in working with various Farm Management business and successfully delivering the projects within the estimates time frame.

The Approach & Solution

Since the client has an existing mobile and web-based application, it was important for DSRC team to understand the application, the functionalities, the user flows, and the source code used. This helps the team to have greater control of the product, estimate the code reusability and integrate third part APIs. After a two-weeks system study and analysis by the team, DSRC has deployed a team of developers, test engineers, Data base administrators to support the development of the application using IoT technology. The team also had solutions architectures involved developing the cloud-based application architecture.

After successful development and delivery of the IoT based application, Customer extended the engagement with DSRC to provide ongoing maintenance and support to the application


The engagement with the client and successful delivery of the application has opened the doors for DSRC to work with other similar clients in the Ireland and UK in the farming and Agri industry verticals.

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