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Welcome to DSRC! Delivering true business outcomes, helping customers thrive in the digital world!

For 50 years, DSRC has been recognized for its vision, commitment, core-values, people and talent that have positioned us as a strategic partner with many global customers.

We have been around for a while and have built a strong recognition for the work we do. We work with top companies by being creative, valuable and doing whatever it takes to fulfill our promises.

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DSRC was founded in 1973 initially commencing its services as a global data processing center for both multinational and domestic customers. We expanded our operations as an IT Service provider, delivering software engineers as a self-managed team to build and deliver corporate systems to large enterprise customers. Our clientele then included Bank of America, New Zealand Dairy Development Board, Singapore Changi Airport Corporation, Sultanate of Oman.

Our first global office was opened in the US in the year 1993, to cater to customers requiring software project teams onshore. Customers included both State Government and Enterprise Customers and large, global System Integrators like EDS, Deloitte to name a few.

In line with the shift in global trend to use offshore application delivery, we established our offshore software development centers at our headquarters in Chennai, India.

Today, DSRC provides services to customers in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Europe, Singapore and Australia apart from servicing customers in India.

  • Global HQ: Data Software Research Company Private Limited is headquartered in Chennai, India and all our global software delivery capabilities are based here.
  • North America: Data Software Research Company Limited is based in Santa Clara and is a company registered in the State of California and is the prime business for customers in the US & Canada who engage DSRC’s offshore application delivery services.
  • Beechwood Computing Limited is based at Santa Clara, CA and is an wholly owned subsidiary of DSRC International* and caters to all US based consulting and professional services business including business with Tier-1 system integrators and US Government contracts.
  • United Kingdom: DSRC (UK) Limited based in London, is the UK subsidiary and primes and manages all clients business in the United Kingdom.
  • EU: DSRC (Europe) B.V. based in Amsterdam, was formally launched as our EU headquarters to support our expansion of our business with customers in the EU markets.

* Data Software Research Company International Private Limited, is the holding company, and is a registered company in India. The companies listed above, are wholly owned business subsidiaries or branch operations, setup to manage our global business.

Our History

From our foundation in 1973, we have remained focused on being a valuable and trusted service provider to our customers. This focus has ensured our growth, client retention and ability to consistently expand our business, services offerings and clientele.

Our key milestones are below.


DSRC Founded

DSRC commenced its Data Center Operations in Chennai, India, business setup to provide data processing and reconciliation services to global clients.


Softlab K-12 Computer Education Business

Softlab was opened as a subsidiary of DSRC, by 1985 we had close 150 K-12 schools signing up for the Computer Education Foundation Programme


Software Exporter of the Year Award

Won the Software Exporter of the Year Award from the Government of Tamil Nadu as a major exporter of software from the state


Software Exporter of the Year Award

Won the Software Exporter of the Year Award for the second time from the Government of Tamil Nadu as a major exporter of software from the state


Software Exporter of the Year Award

Won Software Exporter of the Year Award for the third time from the Government of Tamil Nadu as a major exporter of software from the state Software Exporter of the Year Award


Beechwood Computing founded

Beechwood Computing Limited based at Santa Clara, California; a wholly owned subsidiary of DSRC provides IT Consulting and System Integration Services to US government and commercial businesses.


DSRC launches its operations in the US

DSRC opened its branch office as a client liaison office and front all offshore-based application services provided from its software development center in India.


DSRC expands its global footprint to United Kingdom

DSRC commences its operations in the UK expanding its services and operations to clients in the UK & Ireland.


DSRC opens its offices in Parsippany, NJ

DSRC opened an office in New Jersey expanding service and operations to client in the US Eastern time zone


DSRC goes to EU!

DSRC (Europe) B.V. established in Amsterdam expanding our footprint to clients in the Mainland Europe.


50 and thriving!

Celebrating 50 Years of DSRC: A Journey of Success, Innovation, and Growth!

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