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Application Modernization Service

Modernizing legacy Software application is a pivotal change requiring extensive experience to rebuild or modernize an existing system.

We have proven capability and experience building enterprise Software development service for major industries helping the enterprise reimagine, rearchitect, reengineer and re-platform their systems helping them seamlessly transform their IT systems and enterprise experience.

The key is to understand if the problem is caused by technology, architecture or functionality of the application, and how each modernization approach improves those aspects.

When it comes to application modernization, we focus on three core aspects:

  • UI/UX
  • Application Architecture, and
  • DB design

Customers leverage our expertise and deep understanding of modern technologies, application domains, security and infrastructure and business operations.


Expertise rearchitecting enterprise systems aligning with customer’s business process focusing on better scalability and agility. Some of our experience in this area includes independent multifactor authentication solution or taking Cloud infra-advantage, SaaS/Cloud Enablement, BPM implementations (custom-built and third-party), integrating Cloud services for computing, security and cost optimization, Data Integrations, Virtualizations etc.


Migrate an application component to a new runtime platform. Make minimal changes to code to adapt to the new platform, without changing the code structure or the features and functions it provides.


Redeploy an application component to another physical, virtual or cloud infrastructure without recompiling, altering the application code, or modifying features and functions.


Vast experience in assisting its clients with various re-engineering needs, such as re-designing the architecture to support new platforms, components, or features; refactoring the code for maintainability and portability; replacing databases, middleware, and other architectural layers, and reverse engineering.


Replace: Eliminate the former application component altogether and replace it, taking new requirements and needs into account.


Restructure and optimize existing code without changing its external behaviour to remove technical debt and to improve the component’s features and structure.


DSRC has experiences rebuilding legacy applications using modern technologies and frameworks enhancing the business specification, system configurations, system specification having the core business requirement intact.

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