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Unleashing Creativity: Where design meets engineering reality to craft augmented experiences with the finest digital frameworks.

AR/VR Services

Augment reality and Virtual Reality have gone far beyond entertainment purposes to support businesses, production industries, healthcare and more by integrating the simulated world with the real one.

Most of the applications on our Android or iOS devices today use AR/ VR features. Users can generate a live stream just by pointing their device camera at a point of interest; thus, the screen is overlaid with useful information, including implementations such as repair instructions, navigation information, or diagnostic data.

Architecture, civil engineers, retailers, tourism and more industries use AR VR technologies to enhance their customer experience using their products before being taken into the real world. Clothing manufacturers allow their customers to try their outfits on their virtual avatars before making any actual purchase. Architects design a virtual house allowing their clients to experience walking through the house with the help of virtual reality prior to commencing the real development.

DSRC has supported many customers in implementing AR VR applications that help their end-users to navigate through any locations with information loaded about nearby restaurants, hotels, pubs, gas stations and more.

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