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Cloud Computing Service

Cloud Computing is the provision of high-speed, reliable, state-of-the-art, highly scalable computing infrastructure in a cloud offering lesser total cost of ownership, flexible resources, and configurable and controllable pricing models.

The infrastructure covers servers, storage systems, databases, networking, software, business intelligence and analytics in a centrally operated cloud environment.

How can DSRC help your business?

  • As part of an enterprise transformation plan and strategy, we help businesses leverage the benefits of well-defined, modernize their applications, systems and infrastructure helping their business to be cloud-enabled.
  • Enterprises spend significantly investing in cloud infrastructure, DSRC helps them leverage their investments smartly, helping them to achieve real-value benefits.
  • DSRC offers customer will a comprehensive array of consulting, management, and delivery services.

Expertise & Capabilities

Having worked with several small, medium, and large enterprises, we provide enterprises with a complete and comprehensive array of expertise and capabilities, enabling continuous modernization, empowering them to compete in their marketplace, offering true agility, speed, and operational efficiency to their advantage.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Management – AWS, Azure & Google Cloud
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Virtualization Management
  • Cloud Services Management
  • Cloud Costs and Pricing Optimization

We have outlined below various use cases where our cloud engineers and experts have offered their expertise and capabilities. At present, offer cloud computing services and expertise to our existing customers who engage DSRC’s Application Services, with the aim to offer them a one-stop, comprehensive application service delivery capability.


Cloud Computing - Use cases

  • Storage: Cloud-based storage replacing on-premises and local storage systems, providing customers with a robust, scalable, secure, and reliable storage infrastructure.
  • Development, Testing & Staging Environment: Use a cloud-based, highly scalable configurable development, testing and/or staging environment. We can help you setup these environments rapidly and cost efficiently reducing time to market significantly.
  • Serverless Computing: Not worrying about maintenance of the infrastructure, system updates, scalability and performance requirements, enterprises can leverage serverless cloud architecture to run functions on a system managed by the cloud service provider like Azure, GCP or AWS.
  • Speed & Performance: Applications that are hosted, operated and accessed from a cloud offers high-performance and speed and agility due to the inherent scalable nature of the cloud infrastructure. It is unimaginable to setup and operate an on-premise infrastructure, making applications managed on a cloud critical to every business.
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service: Enterprises derive huge advantage in a cloud-based infrastructure helping them to plan their infrastructure based on what they need and add additional capacity and resources based on need and requirement and pay only for what is utilized.
  • AI-as-a-Service: This helps an ordinary web developer benefit from centrally available AI models which is offered as a service by the cloud service provider. For example, you can use Amazon Cognito to offer identity and access management capabilities to your enterprise application rather than building your own, custom solution.
  • Disaster Recovery: Using a cloud-infrastructure, we can help businesses setup a rapidly configurable, low-cost disaster recovery plan and infrastructure.
  • Business Continuity: By replicating application setup and infrastructure, businesses can setup a reliable application environment which is fault tolerant enabling them to run their business run the applications in the event of a failure or database issue.
  • Security: Moving your applications to the cloud help leverage the data security and integrity controls a cloud-based infrastructure can offer your application. In a modern world, it is important to offer customers with a secure and reliable application and to also ensure the data and information stored in your applications are secure, fault-tolerant and is not exposed to anyone resulting in data loss and breach.

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