October 17, 2016

Application Modernization Services

Do you have a legacy software system  and a vast customer base struggling with age old technology, UX and Workflow? Are there frequent system failures and performance bottlenecks?


DSRC can help engineer and unlock the full potential of your software applications leveraging latest technologies, improved and scalable architecture, rich UX and responsive design, enhanced workflow and database structures.

If you are strategizing to modernize your legacy software products and applications, DSRC has vast experience in providing end-to-end transformation of legacy applications to newer technologies and architectures helping customers mitigate cost and risks.

DSRC has the experience to help you build an end-to-end solution, so you can address new requirements such as cloud computing, SaaS enablement, mobility and virtualization.

Capabilities & Experience

Modernization requirements may be around functionalities, re-architecture of application and database or deploying applications in a cloud. DSRC helps customers migrate, re-platform or remediate legacy applications resulting in application performance improvement, agility and huge cost savings.

We can help your applications deliver even greater value to your customers. Be it transforming an individual application or your entire suite of products, migrating and modernizing legacy systems can make your application environments more efficient, responsive and competitive.

DSRC has expertise to provide assessment and planning for application modernization by doing extensive system analysis involving business, code and data and help provide customers to choose from a variety of modernization path including –

  • Application Rationalization
  • Application Re-engineering
  • SOA transformation
  • Application Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Application Performance Tuning
  • DB Performance Optimization
  • Application Remediation

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