November 3, 2016

Mainframe Application Development & Support Services

DSRC is a pioneer in providing IBM Mainframe services and has been providing consulting and mainframe application development & management services since its inception.

DSRC's Mainframe Competence Center is a pioneer and focusses on providing mainframe based application and systems and infrastructure support services. Over 35% of our technical teams have expertise and experience delivering solutions and services using IBM Mainframe. The offshore centre houses a z800 IBM Mainframe capable of supporting 800 users.

Our core expertise includes providing end-to-end application development, maintenance, reengineering, application management, application testing and system infrastructure support services.



Infrastructure Support Services

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Hosting & Timeshare Services

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Mainframe Application Services

DSRC has vast experience and delivery capabilities to provide end-to-end application delivery services on an IBM Mainframe environment:

  • Complete Lifecycle Application Development and Maintenance
  • Product Engineering and Development
  • System Reengineering
  • Application Performance Improvement Services
  • Legacy Modernization Services
  • Web-enabling Legacy Systems
  • PL/1 based Development
  • Assembler based Development
  • Mainframe Application Support & Maintenance Services
  • Application Migration
  • Application Testing Services

Mainframe Technologies

  • Enterprise COBOL, VS COBOL, COBOL II, PL/1, Assembler

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