October 17, 2016

Application Support & Maintenance Services

If you are contemplating to migrate or rewrite your software application to a newer technology or platform or if you are contemplating to web-enable or cloud-enable your software application system, then DSRC may be an apt choice for you to support you in this endeavor.

DSRC has vast experience providing application maintenance services and support, maintaining business system applications developed on a wide variety of technology and platforms. DSRC offers a low-cost, highly productive, performance driven extended capability to support and maintain your software applications.

Be it application renovation, reengineering or migration, DSRC has proven track record of experience providing application maintenance services.

Service Offerings

Rapid ongoing Development, Support & Maintenance to manage –

  • Accelerated Product Development
  • Accelerated, Continuous Product Maintenance covering New Functionalities, Improvements & Change Requests, Enhancements & Customizations
  • Application Re-engineering & Re-architecture
  • Product Migration & Porting
  • Product License Management, Packaging and Release Management
  • Application Performance Improvement

With over 35 years of experience in managing complex IT application systems and infrastructure environments covering a full gamut of  IT Application Support and Maintenance services, DSRC has extensive track record and expertise to provide maintenance and support of applications built for Mainframes, Cloud, Desktop and Mobile.

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